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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can follow the Empress’ tweets via her Twitter handle: @Empress_Sakura

No. Empress Sakura is a professional Dominatrix—not an escort. If you insist on requesting for sex, expect that you will be blocked.

You can consult her Kinks and Fetish List to see a list of available services.

No, the Empress is not trans. She’s a cis-woman assigned female at birth.

No. Currently, the Empress only entertains Out-Calls to qualified venues (See Below).

Acceptable venues include hotels and condominiums situated in Metro-Manila.

The Empress reserves the right to decline suggested venues at her discretion.

Beginners are welcome to explore their first BDSM experience with the Empress.

Her years of training and experience make her the perfect choice to guide you into the wonderful world of kink and fetish play.

No. BDSM is generally incompatible with substances that impair your judgement as these greatly heighten the risk of accidents and injuries.

As a professional and responsible BDSM practitioner that cares about your well being, the Empress expects you to comply with this requirement.

Yes,  you may book an appointment with the Empress even while abroad by making a deposit to secure your requested schedule.

For more details, kindly contact the Empress directly.

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