Her Imperial Majesty's

Rules & Requirements

Not everyone will be a good fit and that’s okay. When you’re sure you’ve met the criteria, you can come back and offer your services to the Empress then.

No sex or Topping from the Bottom

Her Majesty isn't an escort or a service top. You're definitely in the wrong place if you're looking for someone to sleep with or boss around.

Share your Medical History

Being fully transparent about things like your medical history helps keep you safe so you can enjoy more fulfilling sessions in the future.

Give Value to Receive Value

The Empress is constantly developing and improving her craft making her time extremely important. If you want to enjoy her style of Domination, you need to make it worth her time.

Be Honest about yourself

Empress Sakura really takes the time to learn who you are and how you think. If you're just looking for a few bruises, you'll miss out on a potentially amazing personalized experience.

Honor your Commitments

Submission and obedience extend to even the little things. Did you promise something as simple as being on time? Make sure that you deliver.

Respect her time

Even with punctuality, your word is your bond. If you want to enjoy working with a professional Dominatrix, you'll need to make sure you can honor your commitments.

Do you agree to follow her rules?